Australia’s first end-to-end automated, indoor vertical farm

From seeding through to packaging, our leading-edge, proprietary technology allows us to accurately control every step of the farming process and presents a dynamic range of benefits over traditional farming methods.

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The safest produce in-market, available year round

At Stacked Farm, all our crops remain uninhibited by external weather conditions, pests and field contaminants. By controlling environmental variables we can deliver exceptionally fresh, quality, pesticide-free produce that is available to enjoy all year round.

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Creating sustainable, local food value chains

One of the key benefits presented by indoor vertical farming is the ability to grow, harvest and deliver produce from within formerly unimaginable urban environments. This dramatically reduces the level of emissions caused by traditional supply chains, and makes vertical farming the most sustainable solution currently in-market.

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A delicious range of superior herbs, leafy greens and fruits

We grow, harvest, pack and deliver a wide range of herbs, leafy greens and fruits. Our consistently high quality produce can be accurately traced from farm to table. Thanks to our localised farms and controlled growing process, our products enjoy a longer shelf life than traditionally farmed produce.

Food that makes you feel good

We’ve worked closely with consulting doctors, universities and government institutions to optimise our nutrient blends, lighting spectrums, watering schedules and more. This rigorous testing process has resulted in produce that’s as tasty, healthy and nutritious as possible. All our crops exceed the requirements set for produce to be certified organic.

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Indoor vertical farming consumes up to 95% less water than traditional farming methods.

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The controlled farming environment eliminates the need for pesticides or agrochemicals of any kind, throughout the growing process.

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Produce remains uninhibited by external weather conditions, meaning consistent, quality crops are available year round.

A sustainable source of livestock fodder

Our proprietary farming system can rapidly produce livestock feed in mass quantities. A 1,000 m² vertical farm can produce enough fodder to feed hundreds of cattle daily, and has the capacity to aid Australia’s rural, drought-stricken communities.

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