Australia’s first end-to-end fully automated indoor vertical farm

We’re dedicated to researching, understanding and improving all elements of indoor vertical farming – it’s in our nature and has been since 2017.

Our technology is created and optimised to produce only the best quality healthy food that gets the tick of approval from consumers for taste, nutrition and price point, outperforming traditional farming in each one of these attributes.

Where technologymeets sustainability

End-to-end automation is key to delivering the highest yields and achieving commercial scalability.

Our technology developed in-house delivers industry-leading output per square metre and our proprietary software platform removes all human intervention. We’re pioneering what’s possible for food production by ensuring consistent year-round growing conditions without contamination.

Keeping our footprint sustainable

Sun and clouds icon


We generate our own power fuelled by green biogas*


We deliver a 46% reduction in power consumption compared to industry-standard lights.


Fully recyclable, zero waste
water system.


We reduce food waste through precision farming.


Biodegradable packing attributes to achieve a sustainable lifecycle.

Grow Medium

100% organic and suitable for biodegradable.


Carbon negative, delivering 22,000 tonnes of carbon credits per annum*


Committed to upholding the mission of the United Nations Global Compact.

Plate-perfect produce

Improved consistency
and longer shelf life

No washing required

Passes organic lab testing

100% traceable from farm to table

‘Tune-able’ taste and texture
(Non GMO)

We’re partnering with global leaders to change farming for good

At Stacked Farm growing, harvesting and packing products to meet the requirements of everyone in the value chain is what we do.

Our customer base is wide – from growers, packers, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers to distributors, it’s anyone looking for a better supply chain solution.

Indoor vertical farming uses 95% less water than traditional production methods.

A controlled indoor environment means there’s no need for pesticides or agrochemicals.

Unaffected by external weather conditions, produce remains of consistent quality throughout the year.

The safest produce in-market,
 available all year round

At Stacked Farm, all our crops remain uninhibited by external
weather conditions, pests, field contaminants, moulds and
bacteria. By controlling the variables that traditional farms
can’t, we can deliver exceptionally fresh, quality, pesticide-free
produce that is available to enjoy all year round.

Localising the domestic
 food chain

Indoor vertical farming gives the ability to grow, harvest and deliver produce from within formerly unimaginable urban environments. This dramatically reduces the level of emissions caused by traditional supply chains and makes vertical farming the most sustainable solution currently in the market.

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Where we’re growing

Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

5,400sqm facility that includes a fully automated operating farm, research and development lab, manufacturing division and head office.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia – Planned for 2024

10,000–12,000sqm fully automated commercial farm.

Brisbane and Sydney, Australia – Planned for 2025

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