The future of fresh produce

Stacked Farm’s proprietary technology is key to delivering the highest output per square metre and achieving commercial farm scalability.

Farms like no other

3D model of facility
Macro image of leaf


100 gram bags per day

Grow level


comprising of 21,600 grow trays

Mixed salad leaves


minimal production team members required, leveraging robotics and automation

Macro image of baby spinach leaf


growing space within a 1,800 sqm footprint

At Stacked Farm, our commitment to scalability, rapid market deployment, and comprehensive facility automation leads to the industry's lowest labour demands for operation. This not only ensures efficiency but also provides remarkable flexibility in both output volume and product mix. With strategically located facilities near city centers and major distribution hubs, we contribute to sustainability by minimising food miles, underscoring our dedication to a positive environmental impact.

Our approach ushers in a new era of produce supply chain reliability

Our unique position disrupts the current standard of short-term contracts and variable pricing, as we offer our customers long-term supply contracts with stable pricing. This reliability and stability provides customers with improved promotions management, menu seasonality and economics.


Patent-protected technology with end-to-end automation drives a sustainable competitive advantage.

Stacked Farm facilities are efficiently managed through robotics, reducing labour needs and mitigating biohazard risks. This automation not only maximises product quality but also minimises wastage. Our investment in automation optimises space, resulting in industry-leading output per square metre. By integrating farming, processing, and packaging into single high-care facilities, we achieve high efficiency and stringent quality control.

No human hands

Developed in-house, our Farm Operating System controls and manages all operational processes from seed to bag without human intervention.

The brains of our operational process ensures optimum efficiency end-to-end; from workflow orchestration to environment controls that deliver plant recipes, through to automation tasks that encompass order management, and crop and yield planning.

Proprietary technology

Our carefully architected IP structure protects our ecosystem with strategic patents.

Plate-perfect produce

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Young girl making salad


packaged baby spinach
Rocket leaves

Market-leading 18-day shelf life

Salad bowl


Traceability from farm to table

Macro of tomatoes

Produce does not require washing

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‘Tune-able’ taste and texture

Takeaway salad
Making salad

Improved quality and consistency

Unaffected by external weather conditions

Blueberry macro shot

Unrivalled food safety standards

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Exceeds organic lab testing requirements

Beyond Organic

Beyond Organic™


Controlled environment growing reduces food waste

Sustainable Growth


UN Global Compact

Commitment to uphold 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact


Low food miles

Urban farming substantially reduces food miles



A zero-waste water system which continually recycles all used water in a closed environment


Carbon footprint

CO2 generated for farm use while abating up to ~22,000 MTs per annum, per farm


Growing medium

Growth medium is 100% organic and suitable for anaerobic digesters